Modern Comp Tutoring

  • Modern Approach to Coding

    Explore the forefront of technology with our up-to-date and innovative curriculum. Dive into Python, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, and apply your learning to real-world scenarios. We're not just teaching you how to code; we're preparing you for a future powered by tech.

  • Beginner to Advanced Courses

    No matter your coding proficiency, we've got you covered. Our courses range from Basic Web Development for beginners to advanced Cryptocurrency and DeFi. We provide comprehensive learning tailored to your skill level, ensuring an enriching experience for all.

  • Fun and Engaging Lessons

    Our lessons are interactive, enjoyable, and designed to fuel your passion for technology. Through hands-on projects and collaborative sessions, we offer a learning experience that's as exciting as it is informative. With us, learning code is not just educational, it's engaging and fun.

About Me

Hello, I'm Cooper, a 17-year-old high school student with a passion for coding and technology. My journey began with basic program development and has since expanded into more advanced areas like blockchain and DeFi. I believe in making coding accessible and enjoyable for everyone, and that's why I've created Modern Comp Tutoring. I'm excited to share my knowledge and help others discover the limitless opportunities in the world of coding.



Our services include:

  • Basic Web Development

    Introduction to Web Development

    Discover the fundamentals of creating a website with our comprehensive package. You'll dive into the basics of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, and embark on your coding journey with no prior knowledge required.

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  • Intermediate Web Development Package

    Advanced Web Development

    Expand your web development skills with our advanced course. You'll master the intricacies of Node.js, Express.js, and MongoDB, and learn how to create complex websites complete with API endpoints and database connections.

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  • Advanced Web Development Package

    Full Stack Mastery

    Take your web application skills to the next level with our Full Stack Mastery package. You'll get hands-on experience with modern frontend and backend frameworks like Svelte, Sveltekit, TypeScript, MySQL, and Prisma.

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  • Crypto DeFi Package

    Cryptocurrency and DeFi Basics

    Demystify the world of decentralized finance with our Crypto DeFi Basics package. Learn how tokens and liquidity work, safely interact with smart contracts, and explore ways to earn self-controlled yield.

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  • Crypto Development Package

    Blockchain Development Essentials

    Our Blockchain Development Essentials package offers an in-depth understanding of how to code on the blockchain. Develop your own decentralized app and learn how to interact with the blockchain using code. A basic understanding of DeFi and cryptocurrency is required.

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  • Individual Tutoring Package

    Personalized Learning Experience

    Embrace a tailor-made journey in coding with our Individual Tutoring Package. You'll receive one-on-one attention, personalized lesson plans, and the flexibility to learn at your own pace. This package caters to all levels, from beginners exploring the basics to advanced learners looking to refine their skills. Learn, grow, and excel with guidance tailored to your unique coding goals.

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